Euro 2020 Tiny Car becomes internet sensation and non-football fans are baffled

As people up and down the country nurse their hangovers and come to terms with the fact it isn’t actually coming home on this occasion, there’s no denying the unity Euro 2020 has brought English football fans.

Luke Shaw made history when he scored the fastest goal of any Euro final game, but there was one unlikely star of the show, that has left non-football fans baffled.

Just moments before the match between England and Italy kicked off at Wembley, a miniature electronic car, which has simply been dubbed Tiny Football Car, made its way onto the pitch carrying the ball – this time donned in the iconic colours of the LGBTQ+ pride flag.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the miniature Volkswagen ID.4 make an appearance during Euro 2020, but with more England fans tuning in than ever before, non-football have been left baffled by the official ball carrier.

“A tiny car brings the soccer ball? That’s the coolest thing ever,” one viewer tweeted, while another added: “Omg, this tiny pride car bringing on the ball is iconic.”

A third wrote: “The real winner of the Euro Cup final today, was the tiny football car decked out in the pride flag.”

“This is my first time watching one of the Euros games and I can’t believe that tiny car brings the ball out,” a fourth added.

And it seems as though the Tiny Football Car has settled into internet fame pretty well, as it even has it’s own Twitter account, where it shared adorably excited tweets ahead of match appearances.

“This is it. Every charge I’ve ever had has led up to this moment,” it wrote ahead of the Euro 2020 final. “I’m so excited! And a bit scared! But mainly excited!”

We’ll miss you, Tiny Football Car.