Mortified man accidentally jumps into wrong car and discovers stranger inside

We’ve all done that thing, when it starts to pour with rain, when we just run and run to the nearest point of shelter, without much of a care for where we’re going – whether it’s in a shop doorway, a covered ally way or your car.

In fact, sometimes it’s raining so hard that we can’t actually see where we’re going until we reach our destination. That is when things get dangerous.

And, that’s exactly what happened to one bloke, when he made a B-line for his car to escape a sudden downpour of rain – you can probably see where we’re going with this…

The man, Kevin Wiredu, who goes by the name of therealkevo2 on TikTok, was giving his grandmother a lift to her physiotherapist appointment, when the heavens opened.

After his grandma went into her doctor’s office for the appointment, Kevin decided to get a little high, before needing to use the bathroom. So, he ran into the doctor’s building, used the bathroom, but by the time he came out again, he was so stoned he had no idea which door he needed to go out of. That’s when things started to go south.

So, he came out and sprinted in the direction he believed to be towards his car, opened the door, hopped in the driver’s side and then looked to his side, and that’s when he noticed a little old woman – who is not his grandmother – sitting the passenger seat.

A clip Kevin shared to TikTok shows him looking out the window at the rain, before looking over at his new passenger friend with sheer horror on his face.

“This is not my car,” he said. “I don’t think this video properly demonstrate the instant fear that possessed my body.”

That is quite literally our worst nightmare. When asked why on Earth he stopped to film a TikTok instead of getting the hell out of there, he replied: “Cus nobody would’ve believed me if I just said it.”