Heinz aims cheeky taunt at Italy ahead of Euro 2020 final clash with England

When a national football team reaches its first final in 55 years, you might imagine that the fans may be careful not to get too carried away just yet.

Over-confidence beforehand can make the comedown in the event of a loss all the more difficult, but that isn’t doing anything to deter England fans whose defiance in the belief that it’s finally coming home hasn’t wavered for a minute.

And now Heinz, responsible for selling millions of cans of the very British staple of baked beans, has only added to the bullish attitude ahead of tonight’s Euro 2020 final at Wembley by sending England’s opponents Italy a taunting message on social media.

The UK branch of the company, founded in America, used its official Twitter account to post a picture of a can of spaghetti alongside words reading ‘Sorry Italy’ and the caption: ‘First we put pasta in a can and now we’re going to beat you at football.’

The message racked up hundreds of likes, with fans using the replies to poke fun at one another, as one wrote: “This will have the Italians worried.”

Another argued: “Yes and just like pasta in can, England winning would be wrong”, and one Italian added: “This is rude.”

Other brands also attempted to get in on the football fever, with Tesco releasing a highly questionable image to say: ‘For anyone who ever wondered about the origin of our name… I tes co ming home.’

And from there things just got a bit silly as other supermarkets tried to jump on the trend, with the levels of success ranging from dubious to outright painful.

Iceland managed one of the better efforts, claiming its name also derives from Frank Skinner and David Baddiel’s much-love Three Lions anthem, writing: ‘ I t’s c oming hom e to Eng land. ‘

Burger King responded with ‘It’s Burger KomING home’ and then people just begged for it to stop when Sainsbury’s ruined everything with ‘Itsainsbury’s Coming Home?’