How is Katharine Hepburn linked to Daniel Day-Lewis? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 Which US state is named after a fictional black queen?
2 What room is literally a place to sulk in?
3 Which pope came from Hertfordshire?
4 What resource is stored in a vault in Svalbard?
5 Observed by Jocelyn Bell in 1967, what was Little Green Men 1?
6 What is a porcupette?
7 In which city is the world’s largest cricket stadium?
8 Which writer handed over his hero to his brother Andrew?
What links:
9 Salisbury; Bathurst; Lourenço Marques; Léopoldville?
10 1 (1st); 5 (16th); 20 (7th); 50 (18th)?
11 Priest stranglers; wolf eyes; worms; butterflies; shells?
12 Ride; Supergrass; Swervedriver; Foals; Radiohead?
13 Staghorn; elkhorn; brain; pillar; table; sea pen?
14 Frances McDormand; Daniel Day-Lewis; Katharine Hepburn?
15 F1’s Nelson; Humber or Brooklyn; stirs a fire; Spanish basket?

The answers

1 California (Queen Califia, in 16th-century Spanish novel).
2 Boudoir (French etymology).
3 Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear).
4 Seeds (Global Seed Vault).
5 Pulsar (first observation).
6 Baby porcupine.
7 Ahmedabad (India, 132,000 capacity).
8 Lee Child (AKA James Grant, created Jack Reacher).
9 Former names of African capitals: Harare; Banjul; Maputo; Kinshasa.
10 US dollar bills, denomination and president depicted: Washington; Lincoln; Jackson; Grant.
11 Meaning of names of pasta varieties: strozzapreti; occhi di lupo; vermicelli; farfalle; conchiglie.
12 Bands from Oxfordshire.
13 Types of coral.
14 Won three best actor/actress Oscars (four in Hepburn’s case).
15 Card games: piquet; bridge; poker; canasta.